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KYMCO USA, with headquarters, marketing and distribution centered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. KYMCO USA is dedicated to building the brand's reputation and market share through superior value, frequent new product introductions, strategic industry partnerships, and excellence in dealer network support.


KYMCO USA has a reputation and expertise gained through over 30 years in the U.S. powersports industry.


KYMCO is committed to maximum customer satisfaction and constant innovation, making use of the most advanced CAD/CAE tools to bring superior engineering and design to our products.

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Agility 50


If you’re looking for an especially fuel-efficient two-wheeler, the Agility 50 fills the bill with the promise of fuel economy up to 95 miles per gallon from a 49cc, 4-stroke SOHC engine mated to the smooth-shifting and popular CVT automatic transmission.


Under seat storage, a 2-up buddy seat that converts to a driver backrest when flipped to the “up” position, a helmet hook, front disc brakes, two-year factory warranty and instrumentation that includes speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and clock complete the Agility 50 efficiency package available in three distinctive KYMCO colors: red, orange and blue.


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Kymco Agility 125

Agility 125


Tired of relying on your legs, your bicycle, your friends or your skateboard for transportation? Check out KYMCO’s Agility 125, a versatile and spirited scooter that’s easy on the eye and easier on the pocketbook. With power from a 125cc, 4-stroke engine coupled to a smooth-shifting CVT transmission, the Agility 125 is your ticket to self-reliance.


Available in red, orange or blue, the Agility 125 delivers up to 75 miles per gallon fuel economy and comes with a helmet hook and under seat storage that makes it easy for you to take your board along for the ride.



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Kymco Super 8 - 50R Photo

Super 8 50R


Boasting an aggressive look that includes “naked sport bike”-style handlebars, the Super 8 50R is a more economical version of its Super 8 150R big brother. Powered by a 49cc, SOHC 4-stroke engine that delivers an estimated 72 miles per gallon when mated to the standard CVT automatic transmission, the Super 8 50R doesn’t skimp on extras.


A handlebar mounted digital instrument pod, locking under seat storage, helmet hook, 2-up buddy seat that doubles as a rider backrest and a rear rack that accepts and optional top case combine to make this model one of KYMCO’s most popular.



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Kymco Super 8 - 150R Photo

Super 8 150R


If you’re looking to “get naked,” KYMCO USA offers up the Super 8 150R, an affordable two-wheel option with the “naked sport bike”-look including the distinctive handlebars. You’ll want to check out the 2-up buddy seat that doubles as a rider backrest as well as the handlebar-mounted instrument cluster including speedometer, odometer and clock.


Whether you’re scooting around town, around campus or around the pits, the Super 8 150R provides 57 mile-per-gallon fun and efficiency in either a red or a white model. Power comes from a 151cc, 4-stroke engine wedded to KYMCO’s popular CVT automatic transmission.



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Kymco Super 8 - 50X Photo

Super 8 50X


If you like your fuel economy with a bit of an edge, the Super 8 50X, baby brother of the Super 8 150X, is the bike for you.


With amenities ranging from a dirt bike-style front fender, naked sport bike handlebars and dual purpose knobby tires to a handlebar-mounted digital instrument pod that includes speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and clock to the 2-up buddy seat that morphs into a rider backrest, the Super 8 50X is eminently distinctive.


To make it more so, choose from matte black with matching wheels or Urban Digital Camo with matte black wheels.



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Kymco Super 8 - 150X Photo

Super 8 150X


The Super 8 150X is a “naked sport bike” built for the urban inner-city. It is a performance-oriented alternative to the Super 8 150R with power from a 151cc, 10.3 horsepower air-cooled 4-stroke engine.


Amenities include a hi-rise mounted dirt bike-style front fender, naked sport bike handlebars and dual purpose knobby tires. It comes with a locking under seat storage bin, helmet hook and 2-up buddy seat that doubles as a rider backrest.


Make it yours by choosing either the matte black paint with matching black wheels or the new Urban Digital Camo design with matte black wheels.



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Kymco K-Pipe Photo



If you’re looking to take back your independence, look no further than the K-Pipe 125. The K-Pipe 125 is a remarkably economical and fuel efficient bike featuring a confidence-building seat height that puts feet flat on the ground.


Designed for low maintenance, it uses a 125cc, air-cooled, SOHC engine coupled to a four-speed transmission that provides the kind of control expected of a larger displacement bike.


An electric starter with a kick start backup completes a package that makes the K-Pipe 125 the perfect choice for either the entry level rider or the economy-minded veteran.



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Kymco Compagno Photo



Take a ride on a KYMCO Compagno 110i and it’s hard not to feel like you’re breezing through the French countryside.


Euro-Retro styling mated to modern technology are among the sources of this bike’s popularity.


Comfortable space between the seat and handle bars, convenient glove box and helmet hook, a low 29-inch seat height for flat-footed stops, foldaway passenger foot rests and under seat storage make the Compagno 110i truly unique.


Power comes from a 112cc, 4-stroke, electronically fuel-injected engine mated to KYMCO’s popular CVT automatic transmission, a combination that provides improved fuel mileage and decreased emissions.



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Kymco Like 200i Photo

Like 200i


With a nod to the nostalgic, KYMCO USA introduces the Like 200i, the perfect combination of vintage design and modern technology.


Sister to prior model year’s popular Like 50, the Like 200i is a fast, agile, economic and reliable mid-range scooter designed to honor the breed’s history while at the same time adapting it to a 21st century lifestyle.


Power comes from a 163cc, 4-stroke, fuel-injected engine married to a smooth-shifting CVT automatic transmission. Available in Metallic Gold, Red, Matte Black and White with a color-matched top box, the Like 200i easily is transformed when you choose from a wealth of available accessories.



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Kymco People GT 300i

People GT 300i


One ride is all it takes to appreciate the performance, style and balance of KYMCO’s People GT 300i.


Distinctive contemporary design, ergonomic comfort and modern technology give this scooter instant rider appeal.


With, a clock, trip meter, fuel and temperature gauges, speedometer odometer and tachometer, it’s easy to monitor the performance of the 298cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve SOHC, liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine. Add 16-inch alloy wheels, telescopic front fork, adjustable rear shocks, a smooth-shifting CVT automatic transmission, under seat storage, a helmet hook and top box and you have a winning formula for negotiating city streets or country roads.



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Kymco Downtown 300i Photo

Downtown 300i


The 2016 Downtown 300i is the perfect ride for the urban warrior insomuch as it combines the open road performance of a maxi-scooter with the agility of a sport bike.


This mid-range displacement cruiser is powered by a 298cc, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine mated to a lightweight dual-cradle steel chassis and a smooth-shifting CVT automatic transmission.


Dual-beam quartz Halogen lights illuminate city streets and the lighted under seat storage is perfect for storing helmets or backpacks.


Top it all off with a 5-in-1 ignition key lock and gas cap system and you’re ready to go downtown in style.



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Kymco Xciting 500i Photo

Xciting 500i


The 2016 Xciting 500 Ri ABS is powered by a 499cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine that delivers 38 horsepower to a smooth-shifting CVT automatic transmission.


Yet this is a performance machine that doesn’t scrimp on the amenities. In addition to a lockable glove box and 12 volt accessory outlet, the Xciting 500 Ri ABS has lighted under seat storage for a helmet and backpack along with a full complement of gauges.


Whether you choose it in gray or gold, as the name suggests, it gets its stopping power from a new generation Bosch anti-lock braking system.



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