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Genuine Scooters was founded by a couple of guys selling scooter parts out of an old warehouse in Chicago. They had one thing in mind: Bring a better scooter to the United States.


The first model, Stella, arrived and the scooter culture began to expand in ways never thought possible. The Buddy soon stole America’s heart, and from urban warriors to back road cruisers, the line-up now had something for everyone. The Roughhouse and Hooligan are both rugged and versatile scooters that handle with ease, and the Venture has big wheels for big fun and adventure.


Isn’t it time to Feel the Love? It’s Genuine.

Rattler 50




Genuine's Rattler scooter is back with a bite! This two-stroke Rattler 50 is loaded with upgrades for even the toughest of riders.


Upgrades Include:

- 12" Black Alloy Rims with Street Tires

- 220mm Wave Rotor

- Red 2 Piston Caliper

- Braided Brake Line

- "Hugger" Front Fender

- LED Turn Signals

- Rear Suspension

     with Adjustable Piggy Back Reservoir Shock

- Upgraded Front Fork

- Black Naked Bars

- Digital Speedometer

- Two-tone Black and Red Paint

- Low Profile Sport Seat with Red Stitching




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Genuine Rattler 50 Photo


Genuine Buddy 50 Photo

Buddy 50 Scooter

Built With Love!


Love is in the details. And after one look at our Buddy 50 scooter, you'll be ready for a serious commitment! This vintage-inspired scooter comes in a variety of retro colors yet has plenty of modern features that include: under seat storage, a charger for your cell phone or iPod and a grocery bag hook.


Don't let the smaller engine fool you. This Buddy has 50cc and is great for every-day transportation. Run errands around town or cruise across a college campus.


At 100 mpg†, you'll spend less time at the pump and more time scooting around and falling in love.



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Genuine Buddy 50 International Photo

Buddy 50 International

Our Little Internationals!


Our Little Buddy Internationals pack plenty of big European flavor in a small fun-to-ride package.

Stylish and romantic, the Little Buddy Italia would be right at home circling the Roman Coliseum and shopping in Milano.


The bullish Little Pamplona makes every day a fiesta! Great colors and plenty of Latin flavor make this bike a daring favorite. So come on! Take this Buddy by

the horns!


Genuine’s Little Internationals offer plenty of power for slicing through traffic, getting over 100 mpg† and, in most states, a special motorcycle license is not required.


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Genuine Buddy 125 Photo

Buddy 125

power and charm!


First time scooter owners and seasoned veterans agree: the Buddy 125 has won their hearts with its seamless blend of modern technology, power and vintage style.


Filled with personality and performance, the Buddy 125 comes in Genuine’s signature bright colors and has a bigger engine for a more powerful ride. Glide through busy traffic with ease, climb the steepest hills and take long weekend cruises.


Hold on tight and bring your sunscreen!


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Genuine Buddy 170i Photo

Buddy 170

Peak performance!


The Buddy 170i delivers a power-packed performance that’s sure to get your blood flowing. An advanced electronic fuel injection system makes the Buddy 170i the smoothest scooter of its kind.


High-quality brake components and stylish modern features make the Buddy 170i feel like it’s genuinely connected to you in all the right ways. There’s plenty of storage under the seat, making the 170i the ultimate commuter scooter. It has a 90mpg† rating and will cost you pennies to operate.


Pound for pound, the Buddy 170i is the most powerful scooter in the USA!



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Genuine Buddy Kick Photo

Buddy Kick

You'll Get a Kick When You Ride It!



Experience the power and performance of Genuine's newest fuel injected 125cc scooter called the Buddy Kick! This scooter is superior in quality to much higher priced scooters on the market today. With front and rear disc brakes, dual rear shocks and many other high-end features, the Buddy Kick is a well-designed scooter that proudly rounds out Genuine's Buddy product line.


Experience a superior scooter at an affordable price - get a Buddy Kick! today.



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Genuine Hooligan Photo




Introducing the Hooligan, Genuine's most rugged, exhilarating and versatile scooter yet. Designed to dominate in the 200cc and under class, the Hooligan packs a mean punch.


With its long wheel base, dual rear suspension and dual disc brakes, Hooligan is among the most powerful rides in its class. Loaded with extras, the Hooligan is equipped with a projector headlight, alloy rims, a digital speedometer, a large two person seat and plenty of storage capacity. This powerful 170 fuel injected scooter will bring out your inner Hooligan.


Take it for a ride. Knock it around. Rule the road on a Hooligan!



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Genuine RoughHouse 50 Photo

Roughhouse 50

built for adventure!


You asked for a set of wheels that’s tough, practical, sporty and fun. We delivered the Roughhouse 50!

The Roughhouse 50 combines proven durability with penny-pinching 100mpg† economy, generous under seat storage, a bag hook for grocery runs and space for the recommended optional rear rack and locking top case. Weekend fun is made possible with a high performance 50cc engine and a set of slightly knobby tires that can handle the dirt road when the pavement ends.


Mom said “Stop roughhousing!” but we ignored her!



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Genuine RoughHouse 50 Sport Photo

Roughhouse 50 Sport

get on the road!


It's hard to improve upon something as great as the Roughhouse, but we did! This Roughhouse comes loaded with upgrades that will get your heart going!


Upgrades Include:

- 12" Black Alloy Rims With Street Tires

- Wave Rotor

- Red 2 Piston Caliper

- Hand Guards

- Braided Brake Line

- "Hugger" Front Fender

- Low Profile Sport Seat

- LED Turn Signals

- Rear Suspension With Adjustable Piggy Back Reservoir Shock


Get one. And get on the road!



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Genuine Venture Photo


Big Wheels, Big Fun!


Genuine's newest 50 cc scooter is called Venture, aptly named for the adventurous ride and performance that you'll experience on this "big wheel" scooter. With 16" front and 14" rear alloy wheels, this scooter is loaded with features including a 3-valve liquid cooled engine and rear disc brakes. Backed by Genuine's 2 year Genuine Confidence Plan, the Venture outshines the competition in both performance and price.


Quality, Performance and Price. What are you waiting for? Let your Venture begin!



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Genuine G400C Motorcycle Photo

G400C Motorcycle

These Roads Are Your Roads!


We could focus on the details, like the fuel injected engine and 5-speed transmission. Or the classic design and retro styling. But you can see that below.


Instead, let’s focus on the reasons to ride the G400C motorcycle. Let’s focus on the freedom of the open road. Let’s focus on the people you’ll meet and the friendships you’ll form as you travel the roads that will take you through big cities, small towns and rural America.


Let’s focus on America’s roads. These roads are your roads. Yours to explore on the G400C from Genuine.




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Rattler 50

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